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Shaved Your Head?  Keep Calm and Move On!

You did it!  You took the plunge, made the leap, and decided to take it all off and own the bald lifestyle.  Congratulations!

You look yourself in the mirror and begin to wonder — “What will people say?  What will people think?”  As those last few strands of hair circle the drain, you begin to think about your first encounter with someone in your family, work place, or social circles.  

You run a couple scenarios in your head and if you are like every other person that just shaved their head, you have a bit of anxiety.  How will you respond to an insult, a surprised reaction, or even a compliment?  The good news is that we have compiled our best guidance on how to navigate each one of these situations here:

The Surprise!

Some people in your life will be surprised by this new look and will honestly be anxious about what to say to you, so they might say something they don’t mean or blurt out something silly — “Wow!” “Okay this is interesting!” “What did you do?” “WHY!??”

 The key is to own this decision.  Stay calm and confident.  Most of the time you don’t have to say anything.  But, if you feel compelled to say something, here are some one-liners:

  • “I simplified my life.”
  • “It was time.”
  • “It’s a new beginning in this quarantine life.”

Dealing with Insults

The idea of an insult coming your way for being bald is what causes the most anxiety.  Unfortunately, people will make fun of bald people, but the more of us that embrace this look, the more it becomes commonplace.   Most insults come from a place of insecurity and they may be losing their hair themselves.  

In understanding that insults are a way for insecure people to make themselves feel more secure, it is important to handle insults four ways.  

  1. Acceptance — this is ownership.  Most of the time the insult is truth veiled in insecurity.  If you accept the fact that you made the choice to be bald, you take the power away from the insulter.  “Ya, I am bald and I love it!”
  2. Humor — this brings you power through diffusing the situation, showing humility, and self-deprecation.  “Yes, I am follically challenged.”  “With a body like this, who needs hair?!”
  3. Ignore — this is hard to do, but can be quite effective.  It should only be used with someone that you might not know and isn’t worth a response.  
  4. Rebuke — with someone you do know and they are getting out of hand with insults, you may need a quiet word with them to let them know that you don’t appreciate the put downs.  

The Compliments

This one is probably the easiest and the most likely of responses you will receive.  The simple answer is “Thank you!”  If it is someone that is close to you, you might want to mention that you appreciate the support and while this took courage to shave it, the kind word has added to your confidence.

Overall, making the decision to be bald is a big one.  However, we have found 100% of the time that once you make the choice, you don’t look back — especially at the back of your head worrying about a bald spot!  The key is to keep calm and move on!

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