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Karamo's Story

I co-founded MANTL as a product line designed for everyone, but it was inspired by my search for a skincare regimen that would feel great on both my face and scalp.

Karamo Brown

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When I decided to shave my head and accept that I was balding, I knew it was important to take care of my scalp just like the skin on my face.

But I had such a difficult time finding products that worked on my face, scalp, and skin type. Out of frustration, I decided to create an empowering and inclusive brand with products everyone can enjoy. You can use MANTL on your face or your scalp (or both!) — regardless of gender identity, skin tone, or skin type.

With MANTL, I want to celebrate the differences that make us unique—and in the process, I hope to make your skincare search a bit easier and less frustrating.

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The Complete Routine

I know this has all of our products, but that's why I love it! It comes with everything you need for a day to night routine. It's easy and simple—and takes all the guesswork out of creating a regimen.

And with a subscription, I don't even have to think about reordering! I use the Cleanser morning and night, SPF in the morning, Age Defense before bed, and the No-Shine Sheets whenever my skin is a bit shiny or oily.

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